Portrait of Ian

Welcome. My name’s Ian. Thank you for visiting. This website is all about my passion in life…

photographing Vietnam.

I’ve been doing this for over twenty years, and I enjoy it more now than when I began. Vietnam is a beautiful and fascinating place that always seems to offer something new and wonderful as I travel around the country with my camera.

I guess an ‘about’ page is meant to be biographical… I grew up in Africa and spent most of my life camping, fishing, hunting and running wild in the bush. My father gave me my first camera when I turned twelve. I was hooked! Most of my school career was spent skipping classes and messing around in the dark room.

In 1996 arrived in Vietnam quite by chance and have hardly left the county since.

I began photographing hotels and resorts for Vietnam’s fledgling tourist industry and traveled the entire country exploring and learning… and falling in love. As the years passed I found myself roaming further and further off the beaten track, photographing places, it seemed no other photographers visited.

Sometimes I invited friends to join me on my travels and the joy of sharing places that meant so much to me gave birth to the idea of VinaPix Photo Tours.

I no longer do commercial work, but divide my time between running a few tours a year and a personal project: shooting massive fine art prints of all my favorite Vietnam landscapes.

It’s a very solitary activity, spending days or weeks at a certain location, waiting for the right light, clouds, whatever, for the (almost) perfect photograph.

This is why I so enjoy these tours, to spend time with other photographers, to see things anew through their eyes and to share in their excitement in making new and beautiful photographs.

If you’re interested in photography or Vietnam, please look through my PDF brochures or feel free to email me using my Contact page.

I’d love to hear from you.