• Saigon and Southern Vietnam

$ 2.800


  • 14 full days of photography
  • All accommodation
  • All meals and light refreshments
  • All in-country transport and transfers
  • All entrance fees, charitable donations etc.


  • Flights to and from Vietnam
    Vietnam Tourist Visa (if applicable)
  • Travel Insurance

Explore the chaotic contrasts of Saigon where ancient temples stand alongside gleaming skyscrapers.

Join the crowds at the seething street markets and wander the quiet city lanes where everyday life is lived on the pavement.

Walk along sandy beaches and admire fishing boats painted every colour of the rainbow. Hike through the misty alpine forests and climb the jungle-clad peaks of forgotten mountains and look down on the dawn clouds.

Share tea with an Ede ethnic minority family in their longhouse or dance with the Kho people around bonfires as the sun sets.

This is our most popular tour. Why not come and see why?

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Hennie Van Der Merwe. South Africa

“The most fun I’ve had doing street photography in twenty years.”

Sue and Ken. United Kingdom

“Already saving for the next trip.”

Philip Baker. United Kingdom

“Vietnam: the country, the people and the food – it’s everything you could ask for and more.”

Linda Meyer. South Africa

“One morning in Tra Vinh filled a 64Gb card… incredible opportunities!”

David Goodman. United States

“The sunrise at Lak Lake alone was worth the whole trip. Thank you.”

Tim ‘Slim’ Selby. United States

“A great photographer, a wonderful guy and a terrific guide.”


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Saigon and Southern Vietnam


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